It is no secret that fishing beads for trout, steelhead or salmon is a deadly,
effective  method of fishing, and there's more to  bead fishing than meets
the eye  whether you are fly fishing or just regular drift fishing. Here
at we have hand picked beads that have the right
color combination and presentaion.
These beads have been tested and
proven in rivers across the USA and Canada to produce fish.

Steelhead are and  always have been,   the most elusive and sought after
game fish in  North America.  In addition to their  elusive nature, they are
perhaps the hardest fighting freshwater game fish. Catching these prized
fish, challenges even for the most experienced fisherman.

Here  you  will  learn  the  techniques  and  presentations  that  will  make
these fish strike. There are always insights to the method. On this website
we hope to increase your odds of hooks up. "FISH ON"





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